Saturday, August 19, 2006


I had posting problems the other night while trying to download this for Illo Fri's subject "Play". ....Too late for Illo Fri, and not the best drawing I've ever done, but it's been so long since I've added anything new, I'm afraid everyone has given up on me.
I played clarinet in high school band.A few years back, I dug out my old clarinet, drove an hour away to the nearest music store to buy a reed for it, and after returning home, found that I could still play the Marriage of Figaro from memory. Fast forward to a few days ago......I dug it out again to draw for this subject, but play it? No such luck......oh, I could still remember the fingerings, but it seems that in my "old age", I have absolutley no lung power to play. I managed a few hideous sounding squeaks. Let's face it, my clarinet playing days are over........however, I recently learned on one of those "do it yourself" decorating shows on TV, that a clarinet can be turned into a pretty nifty looking lamp.Maybe I'll give that a try...
On another note.......thanks to the few of you who haven't given up on me yet, and still check to see if I'm still here! I've just been really busy.My little blog is now one year old. I hope to get back on track, and post more regularly.
*I gave up on the lamp idea, and hung my clarinet on the wall;it made for a neato art piece.
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