Friday, October 29, 2010

Old (unsubmitted) Illo Friday drawing. Once upon a time, I submitted Illo Friday drawings every week. I would, in fact, get in a tizz if I didn't have an illo for that week. Then, one week I missed, and missed a few more times. Soon it became harder to draw. The ideas would come, but my hand couldn't put them to paper. If I did eke out a drawing, it was never "good enough", and so I would discard it. Every now and again I find an old sketchbook, and looking through it, think, "was that really so bad?" Submitting it would've been better than nothing. In the last few years, I've let my blog die a slow death. Maybe I'll quit being so hard on myself. This drawing wasn't my best, but now I'm thinkin', "so what?". I wonder what the topic was at the time I drew this?


Blogger valerie walsh said...

i love it! Yay for you and i will try to not be a slacker too ;)

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

janet, happy new year to you! that was a surprise to see your comment on my blog. just as yours it has been on a long winters´sleep. i do miss those times life was all about fridays and topic challenges. still life is all about challenges but they can´t seem to be tackled just by drawing them on paper. wishing you the best and thanks for remembering me (you do better than i do on my own blogger password.. need to dig that out at some point), cristosova (christina) from loontown

12:20 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Love this! I wonder what the topic was too...

12:25 PM  

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