Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Life on the run was hard......

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here's my fish. He has some spots.But he really has a lot of dots...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Waiting Room...

I had a doctors appointment.The waiting room was quite full. I took one of the few remaining seats. I had been there a while, when an older gentleman came in. He was dressed in a nice blue suit, and in one hand was one of those compact folded umbrellas.He took the seat next to mine. I went about reading my paper.
BBBZZZZZ!!!I nearly jumped out of my seat! I glanced sideways......BBBBZZZZ....he had gotten a rechargeable shaver out of his pocket.......and he was shaving....BBBZZZ.......in the waiting room! At first I thought " well, Yuck!!"....But then, it went on and on and on. "This is absurd", I thought...then I got the giggles, and had to hide behind my paper.
When I could control myself, I looked over my paper. BBBZZZ...I tried to make eye contact with the other people...BBBBZZZZ......you know the kind of contact that says "Yes, this guy is weird!". But, you know what? Everyone in the room was just carrying on about their business. Not one person seemed to think this was odd.BBBBZZZZ.....and I swear this guy shaved for 15 minutes!
Finally the nurse called my name. When we got in the back, she asked "How are you today?" " Fine", I said "but there was a guy shaving in the waiting room." Surely she would think it odd, but no, she just smiled as if I had remarked on the weather.
Maybe I'm just odd.........

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I used to save my seeds to share. I would put them in an envelope and draw a picture of the flower on the outside. Remembering that gave me the idea to draw these little seed packets.
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